Machala Escott

Operations Manager

Machala is the Operations Manager for Mission24, and has over 22 years experience in her field. She is married to Mark and lives in Lincolnshire.

Machala retired from the Royal Air Force after 16 years active service, when severe depression compelled her to rethink life. She retrained as a Quality Manager but found her mental health continuing to rapidly decrease, causing her to reject friends and family around her. Although having given her life to Jesus as a child, Machala was struggling to walk free from the illness which eventually forced her to make an attempt on her own life. But God intervened with perfect timing, and with new hope in her heart, she attended a Mission24 Healing for You meeting, and was miraculously set free by the love of Christ.

Machala has since completed the Mission24 Internship and joined the team fulltime, where she enjoys working closely with them behind the scenes and out in the mission field.

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