Milan Presburger


Milan from Slovakia, was raised in a communist environment as an atheist, with no knowledge or experience of God.

Leaving home at a young age, he quickly became part of the wild parties and drugs culture in the area where he lived, eventually taking on a job as a DJ. Late one night after the club had emptied, Milan was left dancing with two girls when a large Ukrainian Man broke into the place, pushed him to the ground and stuck a gun to his head. As he pulled the trigger, Milan was relieved to hear nothing but a “click”. His life was spared. But that experience awakened him to consider the direction his life was taking more seriously.

Weeks later, invited to a Gospel event in his town by a friend, Milan gave his life to Christ. Within twenty, four hours he found his desire for drugs and nicotine had completely left and the reality of God’s Presence and Power was transforming his life. 

Today, Milan works as a full time evangelist in Slovakia and Central Europe, and further afield with Mission24. He is happily married to Judy, they have four children and are sent out to minister with the blessing of their home church in Nova Zamky, Slovakia.

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