Hope and Faith Nursery - Byumba Hope and Faith Nursery - Byumba

Hope and Faith Nursery - Byumba

Hope and Faith Nursery is run by Pastor Andre Hakizimana of the Church of faith in Rwanda (CFR). Pastor Andre is also a part of Ten by Ten, a Christian organization started by the Pastors of ten different churches, who collaborated to train up a further ten Pastors to send out evangelising and caring for widows, orphans and children from single parent families. The organisation is still expanding as more churches get involved. Our Lifelink representative Gilbert works for Ten by Ten.

The school children range from 2 to 6 years old, and all are from single parent and widowed families, which are the poorest in the area. Ten by Ten helps to fund the school, providing books, stationery and uniforms. All the teachers are university students who volunteer from Pastor Andre’s church, and the Headmaster, who has a huge father heart for the children, is also a volunteer. Because of the poverty, the children eat only one meal a day, a sorghum porridge that is provided by the school on weekdays, during term time. These children have such beautiful hearts that they wanted to share that one meal with us when we visited!

The subsidised school fees are just £1 per month, but even this is too expensive for many of the mothers, and attendance has dropped from 80 to just 25 children because of the inability to pay the fee. We have been advised that the Rwandan government have ruled that children who do not attend and complete nursery, cannot progress into the next stage of education. Therefore, if a child misses out on nursery, they will not receive any education. Lifelink are currently trying to substantiate this.

Ten by Ten have requested Lifelinks help to keep school running, and return it to its full compliment of 80 children.