Over 25 years in ministry, both here in the UK, and around the world, it has been our experience that God does the same miracles and transforms lives here in England just as He does all over the world. We believe there is a fresh stirring in the hearts of believers to communicate the Gospel in our land, clearly and boldly, in the love, conviction, and power of the Holy Spirit. Furthermore we are experiencing a hunger in the hearts of ordinary British people to hear the Gospel and respond to the Lord.

What We Believe

We believe that God has placed a vision on our hearts to preach Christ in every town and city of the UK. If you want to host a Mission24 event - anything from a weekend to a ten day outreach, for your village, town, or city - we want to hear from you. Jonathan regularly visits churches, helping them to equip and release their people in power evangelism through equipping weekends, "teach and do" seminars on moving in the gifts of the Spirit, healing, the prophetic, and evangelism. Our missions always lead to outreach on the streets and healing meetings or evangelistic events in the evenings. These weekends sometimes stand on their own, and sometimes lead to full blown missions in the area, at the invitation of the local church or group of churches.

The Past Year

In the last year we have piloted a strategy of “reciprocal missions” where each church involved agrees to both host a mission with Jonathan Conrathe leading a team from another church to serve the hosts, and also send a mission team with Jonathan back to the church who sent a team to serve them. This has proved very fruitful in bringing people to Christ in their own locality, and also releasing local churches into mission further afield. Our aim is that eventually there will be many evangelists trained up to lead the missions, and we may see a multiplication of impact for the Gospel. Essentially, we are asking each church who would like to host a mission with Mission 24 whether they wish to simply do a mission to their own locality, or whether they also want to send a team with Jonathan Conrathe to another church as well, to get involved in mission beyond their own immediate sphere of influence, and help to fulfill Christ’s vision of proclaiming this Gospel of the Kingdom to every town, city and nation.

Training Opportunities

We also ask every applicant who wants to join a team to firstly attend an impact Week of training, either by attending the annual M24 one, normally held in Peterborough, or to attend training that we may be asked to do by the applicants local church. Following this, there are the missions:

1. Locally

2. Further afield in the UK

3. Internationally - for those who wish to join us on missions overseas.

We wish to see the Gospel proclaimed with power and compassion the length and breadth of England, and from here to the ends of the earth, and many evangelists equipped and released to their calling - that we may again become one of the greatest missionary sending nations in the world, filling the earth with the light and love of Jesus Christ. To host a Mission 24 outreach in your area, please contact us.

Get in touch with us today to be part of a mission.