safeguarding  statement

This statement sets out the position of Valley Life Trust Ltd which trades as Mission24, Child Life Homes and LifeLink, herein called ‘The Trust’, regarding safeguarding matters related to the protection of adults and children.

  • The Trust recognises that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.
  • The Trust is committed to safeguarding all children and adults with care and support needs and ensuring their well-being and dignity at all times whilst engaging with Trust activities.
  • The Trust recognises that it has a responsibility to function in a way that prevents physical, sexual, psychological, financial, and discriminatory abuse, and neglect of adults at risk of harm and abuse.
  • The Trust shall report any such abuse that is discovered either directly or indirectly through the correct official channels.
  • The Trust believe all adults have a right to safely access and enjoy every aspect of ministry offered by the organisation.
  • The Trust undertakes to exercise proper care in the appointment and selection of those who will work with children and adults with care and support needs, through the use of enhanced disclosure and barring service checks.
  • The Trust believes in the safety and happiness of all children. We want those who connect with the ministry to feel valued and confident enough to disclose any occurrences where they or others are experiencing significant harm.
  • The Trust will ensure all its policies and procedures reflect the above statements.

The Trust is committed to:
  • Ensuring that it holds a Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO) and Designated Safeguarding Person (DSP), who are trained to a minimum of Level 2 in safeguarding practices, and who remain current with national and local developments relating to safeguarding.
  •  Following statutory and specialist guidelines in relation to safeguarding children and adults and will ensure that as an organisation, all Trustees, employees, and volunteers will operate in accordance with the Trust’s Safeguarding Policy.
  • Implementing the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Acts 1995 and 2005, and all other relevant legislation.
  • Providing adequate safeguarding training to all Trustee’s, employees and volunteers who undertake work on its behalf, during induction phases and at specified intervals for refresher purposes.
  • Providing support to any adults or children connected to a safeguarding incident report, including the discloser.

The Trust recognises that:
  • Children’s Social Services has lead responsibility for investigating all allegations or suspicions of abuse where there are concerns about a child.  Adult Social Care has lead responsibility for investigating all allegations or suspicions of abuse where there are concerns about an adult with care and support needs.
  • Where an allegation suggests that a criminal offence may have been committed, the police must be contacted as a matter of urgency by the Trust’s DSO or DSP.
  • The Trust will review this statement and the Safeguarding Policy annually.
If you have any concerns for a child or adult, then speak to one of the following who have been approved and formally trained as safeguarding co-ordinators for the Trust.

Mr Ralph Turner (DSO) & Mrs Machala Escott (DSP) –