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What is the School of Ministry 2020?

The Mission24 School of Ministry is based in two centres, Chroma Church, Leicester and Reigate Baptist Church in Surrey. It has the predominant focus of equipping those with a passion for evangelism to lead others to Christ, preach effectively, and minister in the power of The Holy Spirit. This is done through teaching forums, discipleship meetings and hands on training in evangelism, including time on missions with the Mission24 Team.

The course is both challenging and rewarding and will help to build you up in every area of your walk with God. It will also sharpen your Biblical foundations and activate you in the power of the Holy Spirit, helping you to minister more effectively through signs and wonders.

Be expectant to discover your true identity in Jesus Christ and for God to radically transform your life and reenergise your passion for Him.

Are you ready to take up the challenge?



Mission24 school of Ministry

Posted by Jonathan Conrathe on Wednesday, 22 April 2020


What Does it Include?

The course is 11 months in length beginning in September and can be easily managed alongside your current occupation, although there is a need to commit to regular reading/study if you want to get the most out of the faith building materials included in the programme. This course is designed to be eminently flexible whilst helping you to make the most of the opportunity to grow in God and be equipped to make a difference in your generation by the power of God.

Monthly teaching days which include inspirational teaching, impartation and practical application sessions take place in both centres (Leicester or Reigate). A typical study session runs from 0930 to 1730.




2nd Sep 20

24th Mar 21

3rd Sep 20

25th Mar 21

21st Oct 20

21st Apr 21

20th Oct 20

22nd Apr 21

25th Nov 20

26th May 21

26th Nov 20

27th May 21

9th Dec 20

23rd Jun 21

10th Dec 20

24th Jun 21

20th Jan 21

14th Jul 21

21st Jan 21

15th Jul 21

10th Feb 21


11th Feb 21


Subjects Covered

  • The Importance of Right Believing
  • Church History Overview and Revival History
  • Evangelism – Why and Our Message and Ministry
  • The Believer’s Authority and the Power of the Name of Jesus
  • The Power of the Blood of Jesus
  • Doctrines of God, the Holy Spirit, Baptisms and Suffering
  • Hermeneutics- Word of God
  • Repentance and Deliverance
  • The Power and Price of Forgiveness
  • Ministering Healing and the Laying on of Hands
  • Father Heart of God
  • Faith
  • Doctrine of End Times
  • The Healing Covenant
  • Bind and Plunder (Spiritual Warfare)
  • Doctrine of Election & Predestination
  • Understanding the Prophetic
  • Resurrection from the Dead and Eternal Judgement
  • Supernatural Sustenance and Avoiding Burnout
  • Leadership Principles, the Leader’s Calling and Vision and the Leaders Practice (Leading Teams, Missions and Meetings)
  • Financial Management, Faith, & Integrity
  • Finding Your Place and Fulfilling Your Purpose in the Body of Christ
  • Making Disciples
  • Righteousness, Self-control, and the Judgement to Come

Personal Study Programme

  • Reading the Bible in its entirety during the study year. Students will follow a predefined schedule using the Bible in One Year App
  • A deeper weekly Bible study
  • Write a brief monthly book review from a list of highly regarded Christian authors, designed to challenge and inspire you

Opportunities to join the team on UK and overseas missions depending on which course option is selected.

Free access to 1 x Mission24 Impact Training week (accommodation not included).

Free access to Mission24 Conferences and Connect Days during your study year (accommodation not included).

Levels of Study

Level 1 - £1200 (All teaching, practical activation and impartation and free access to Connect Days and Conferences during study year)

Level 2 - £2250 (All Level 1 plus 2 x UK missions)

Level 3 - £4250 (All Level 1 and 2, plus 1 x European mission and 1 x International mission)

Level 4 - £600 (All teaching conducted via zoom. Practical application and impartation may be limited due to remote working. Free access to Connect Day and Conferences during study year. Missions are not included)

Note: A minimum of 25% of the course fee is payable by the beginning of Sep 20 and the remainder due by end of Mar 21.


What Do Missions Include?

All students who embark on a Mission24 mission should expect to participate in publicly sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and their own personal testimony to both large and small audiences, on the street, within church settings and to open air gatherings.

Students will also be actively involved in carrying out healing and deliverance ministry during Mission24 activities.

All mission weeks can be fast paced and the day’s lengthy and if overseas, conditions can be challenging, therefore, students applying for level 2 and 3 placements are to ensure they are physically capable of completing the programme.

Students will be individually allocated mission dates at the outset of the course, giving plenty of time for them to make the necessary arrangements within the home and work environments.

  • UK missions can be expected to run from Mon-Sun or Wed-Sun. Partial attendance is possible (e.g. Fri-Sun)
  • Overseas missions can be expected to be 7-8 days in length, departing on a Sunday or Monday. All mission team members will depart and return to the same UK airport.

In addition, there may be opportunities for all Level 1-3 students to participate in UK and overseas missions led by Mission24 Associate Evangelists. Costs are determined by the leading ministry and are directly payable to them.


UK Missions – Mission24 will endeavour to provide food and accommodation for all those selected.  This is likely to be with families from within the host church. Students are expected to make their own way to mission locations.

Overseas Missions – Flights, accommodation, in country travel and food are provided as part of the course fee. Mission24 will seek to provide the best accommodation it can within the mission budget (normally equates to 3 star), however this depends on the location and what is available. Visas, vaccinations, comprehensive travel insurance and travel and parking at the UK departure airport are the responsibility of the student and not covered in the course fee.


Doors of Heaven

Application Process

Applicants must submit a completed application form to, to include a full reference from their home Pastor and a head shot of the applicant by 31st JulApplication forms that are incomplete will be rejected, therefore, to ensure the smooth processing of your application please do ensure all areas are completed.

Successful applicants will be informed week commencing 10th Aug and sent a Mission24 Welcome Pack explaining the next steps in readiness for the start of the course.

Application Form


DBS Check

All students will be required to complete an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS).

Here at Mission24, we understand that there are many Christians on fire for God, who may have criminal records from past deeds. We also believe in the transforming power of the love of God to set people free from their past, therefore we would ask that you be honest with us during the application phase relating to anything that might be revealed during the check.

Instructions will be provided following acceptance to the course. Students with a current enhanced certificate that includes working with children can submit a copy of this to Mission24 for review.

Note: Mission24 are not legally bound to accept any previously obtained certification.


See What Others Have Said

"I can’t think of a more impactful 10-11 months in over 28 years of exaggeration!" - Pastor Andy McCulloch (17-18 Internship)

"One of the most challenging and enriching experiences of my Christian walk. The encouragement has clarified my identity in Christ... truly a life changing experience!" - Evangelist Wayne Hudson (18-19 Internship)

"We have been challenged, stretched, and blessed beyond our imagination, seeing God at work in us and through us. The programme is exciting, inspiring and extremely well put together...a great investment!" - Tim and Tanya Cordy (18-19 Internship)

“It has revitalised my faith, my whole life. Before I started, I felt like a 'beached whale', but very soon found myself 'swimming' in God's ocean.” – Judith Cox (19-20 Internship)

"My spirit has been encouraged and strengthened and you have ignited a passion and fire in me that will not go out!" - Pastors Earl and Pearline Bent (19-20 Internship)

"What an amazing ministry...I do not recognise myself from a year ago!" - Sheralyn Pattison (19-20 Internship)

"This programme is not intended for the few, but for every Church leader...a discipleship training tool for all believers." - Eleni Pinski (19-20 Internship)

“Bold and confident evangelism becomes a lifestyle when we have a strong understanding of His love and lordship, and we are trained to walk with Him and do His works. The Mission24 School of Ministry will fuel you with confidence in who He is, who you are, and what you can do in Him. This course is an excellent launchpad that will propel you into your destiny!” - Andy Cowling (19-20 Internship)