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I knew something had changed the moment they came in the door. Mum and Dad were back from a weekend away. As I came down the stairs to greet them, they looked different. They were smiling - almost laughing as they greeted me. It was as if there was a light around them that emanated a sense of power. As a nine year old boy, I could feel a strong presence there in that hallway. Even then, although I wasn’t sure what it was they had, I wanted it too! Mum had been baptised in the Spirit for some time. But for Dad, this was completely new. They had been visiting Ian and Rosemary Andrews in Chard, Somerset, in the South West of England. God was doing some amazing things at the Chard Christian Fellowship. And Dad could no longer ignore them. He had been struggling somewhat with what it meant to have a real experience of the baptism in the Holy Spirit. But that weekend, having been challenged by Rosemary to stop fighting what God was doing, Dad surrendered to God and His purposes. At the evening service in Chard, he was well -and truly filled with the Holy Spirit. So much so, he kept on singing and shouting praises to God in other tongues for several hours, even as the rest of the meeting went on around him!

Dad changed that day. There were moments in the past when I had almost feared him until that time. Now he became a gentle giant; approachable, wise - and powerfully operating in partnership with the Holy Spirit. I couldn’t have ignored it even if I had wanted to. For a start, it meant a change of church and the beginning of Cheam Fellowship. Always eager for whatever God had for me, even in my schooldays, I wanted what Mum and Dad had got.

As a young boy, I became profoundly aware of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. I was so conscious in the church meetings of what God was doing. As a child, I would observe how God was moving. I would see when the Spirit was upon someone in a powerful way.

It was not long until that same baptism in the Spirit was my own personal experience. And in receiving the Holy Spirit, in being baptised in the Holy Spirit, it has changed my life. From that point on, I began to experience increasing manifestations of His presence, gifts, and power, coupled with an increasing hunger to share the good news of Jesus with those who didn’t yet know Him. I wanted to be sure that what I had was real and I was relieved to see what had happened to me was so clearly in God’s Word, the Bible. This outpouring of God’s Spirit drew me in even more to the Word of God. I couldn’t stop reading, hungry to learn more of this baptism in the Holy Spirit, hungry to learn more of what the Christian life should be about.

Years have passed. Mum and Dad have remained as radical as ever and, knowing this was never intended to be a one off experience, I continue to press in for more of Him too, believing that everything is available in Christ. Having had a vision of Jesus calling me to Christian ministry at the age of 17, I started out as a full time evangelist two years later, age 19, under the care and mentoring of Don Double. These last twenty-nine years have been a time of challenge and blessing. Mission 24 has been the vehicle for me to preach the gospel around the world in nearly fifty countries. And always with ‘signs following’ (Mark 16:20). Hundreds of thousands have come to Christ; new churches have been planted in unreached areas. There has been healing, deliverance, and even some resurrections from the dead. None of this would have been possible without having met God through His Holy Spirit in such a powerful way. None of it possible without that power partnership.

And that’s the message of this book. Learn with me as we discover the ways of the Holy Spirit. Learn with me as we begin to enjoy and appreciate a power partnership with Him; a life of miracles for every believer. Learn with me as we find we can have that very same anointing in our daily lives. Learn with me as we find how we can use the gifts of the Spirit that God gives us. Let’s learn together how we can experience the love of the Father, the power of the cross, and the anointing of the Spirit every day of our lives. This power partnership is for you, for me…. and for the thousands of lives that are going to be changed because we are willing to live and minister God’s way.